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I keep the snapshots not for what they show but for what is hidden in them.
Margaret Laurence, The Diviners, pg 14

I'm experimenting with wikification of my Nova Scotia Faces project, with the object of soliciting help
from vernacular photography enthusiasts. This may turn out to be a mistake, but we won't know
until we try, right?
I started putting items into Flickr in November 2005, one or two a day (see the set here),
but that was simply too slow, or anyway that's what Gardner said. And it's all very well for me to give my readings of
these gems, but it would be at least as interesting to hear what others have to say. Some people have added comments to the (more detailed, larger) 
Flickr versions of the images.

Bottom line: if you'd like to play in this territory, email me and you can be a Participant/Collaborator, with powers to edit and so on.

To give you a jumping-off place, consider the possible tags and captions for this one...

These images are vernacular in the sense that they were primarily of interest to small numbers of people --immediate family and friends. Many
were taken by professional photographers (and most are, in fact, meant to be portraits), though some of the most fascinating are snapshots,
amateur productions which achieve a sort of eloquence via naive framing and selection of subject matter. Each is a bundle of details that might
be decoded and turned into a story. Each is an undefended glimpse into the life of a real person or group of people. I poke fun at a lot of the
subjects, but deep down I realize that I love them, and that, after 25+ years of looking at them, my own life is entangled with theirs, though
our temporal existences mostly don't overlap. I rescued them from junk-store oblivion, and putting them up here breathes new life into their
mostly-anonymous selves.
The categories below have gradually emerged as I made subsets of the photographs. Within any category, the order of presentation is tentative
and provisional, and in a few cases I've included an image under more than one heading. I've found it VERY interesting to look through the
corpus defined by these sets, and I continue to tinker with commentary and  sequence. 


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